Things That Will Always Be Important
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Things That Will Always Be Important

The technology we have today would have seemed like magic to the ancients, but what they knew and what they had would seem just as impossible to us.

The further we tread from the garden, the further we tread from ourselves.

We are both the banished and the banisher, the driven and the slave driver.

I believe that the following things are both incredibly central to what makes us human but also something we are losing at an astonishing rate:

  • Community
    • Do I have people that I care about and that care about me?
  • Intimacy
    • Am I able to be vulnerable with myself and others?
  • Movement
    • Can I move freely with grace, strength and flexibility?
  • Diet
    • Does my diet help my body or hurt it?
  • Sleep
    • Am I rested?