Plans and goals for 2022
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Plans and goals for 2022


  • Finish the projects I started for completion's sake and to gain competency across the stack (from design to devops)
  • Launch promisebot
  • Launch birds-eye
  • Complete first draft of whitepaper
  • Style the blog to an aesthetic that I like (Grytøya)


  • Get a manual driver's lisence
  • Buy a car, make it liveable
  • Finish compiling all bitcoin purchase history
  • Rent out both rooms and leave it in good hands

Writing etc

  • The story of Grytøya and profile on Arthur
  • Document the home I grew up in


  • Get serious about Japanese, prepare to get by in Japan for about a month in 2023 with minimal english


  • Weekly runs (not sure about the distance yet)


  • Grytøya first stay (Winter / Spring)
  • Cambridge May Ball (Summer)
  • Highschool reunion in Wales (Summer)
  • Something with Tris (Summer)
  • Sogn for a month (Summer / Fall)
  • Grytøya longer sojourn (Fall / Winter)
  • Malaysia (Winter)

Co-op quests

  • Help A invite internet people and build a concept (?)


  • Life timeline