Impossible List

Life Goals

  • Live in Tromsø
  • Sing at an open mic
  • Go fully remote
  • Live in the same city as Tris for 6 months

Skill Goals

  • Pass the national language exam for Norwegian

Fitness Goals

  • Muscle up
  • Hanging v-hold
  • Stand-to-stand bridge
  • One-arm pushup
  • One-leg squat

Taking notes here

Adventure Goals

  • Travel and visit all my childhood friends
  • June - November 2017 round the world trip
  • Hike in Lofoten with Josie
  • Sail with Andreas
  • Road trip around Spain with Tris
  • Road trip in Pakistan with Waleed to the Misty Mountains
  • Everest base camp with Ieva
  • Food battle in Seoul with Viv
  • Row and camp with Arthur
  • Freedive
  • Solo trip with Dad
  • Solo trip with Mum

Events to Attend

  • See Future Islands live with Tris
  • Ostrava 2017, never forget
  • Sziget music festival
  • 2018, never forget x99
  • Watch a match at the Emirates with Dad and Tris